Why Make A Will

Making a Will might be one of the most important things you do in your life.  It's something many people think about, but continue to put it off. This can be a big mistake!

Some of the following are typical reasons why people don't make a Will:

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"I don't like to think about the future"

"I think it might cost too much to make a Will"

"I haven't got time to go visiting a Solicitor"

"I'm too young to worry about dying"

"I haven't got much to leave"

"My family can sort it out, after I've gone!"


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These are all common reasons but just have a quick think about your possessions: what have you got, who would you like to give gifts to? Personal possessions that are precious to you can be gifted to relatives and friends, or sold to benefit your favourite charity if you wish.  

If you pass away without making a Will the Rules of Intestacy will come into force which are automatic. It is likely to leave a lot of confusion behind you, and a lot of unneccessary expense and delay while the Courts decide in retrospect.  It may be that the things you value may be auctioned off to pay bills rather than go to your nearest and dearest.  The people you really care about, may be left with no claim on your estate at all!  The small cost of making a basic Will may save £££s in the future!

You need to stipulate, unequivocably in your Will, what you would like to happen to your estate.  Incidentally, is there anyone you would NOT wish to benefit from your estate? You can make sure that they don't get a penny!

They do not take into account any particular wishes for family and friends that you could state in your Will. In fact, your family could miss out on large chunks of money which will go to the Government!

Making a basic Will is a job that is often done, not by a Solicitor, but by a Legal Executive.  A more reasonably priced alternative is, to call a local Will Writer to make your Will. Trained and qualified specifically to do this task, a Will Writer will do the job for you at a fraction of the cost your local Solicitors would.

These are just a few of the many other situations that can be provided for in your Will:
In some circumstances, thinking ahead and making your Will could substantially reduce the tax paid on your estate, leaving more for your family.
If you are living with an unmarried partner or in a civil partnership it's especially important to make your wishes clear in your Will to avoid them being homeless or unable to claim on your estate.  If you have children their future can be taken care of by appointing Guardians.
Your Will can also set out your desires for your Funeral, what will happen to your body after death, and take the guesswork for your family out of arranging a funeral at what would obviously be a very difficult time for them.
Will writing ServiceWhat about pets? You can make arrangements for their care after you have passed away, so that you know they are safe.
If you have a trusted family member or friend, that can settle your affairs for you, you can choose them as your personal representative, or appoint a Solicitor or professional of your choice.  
When it comes to births, deaths, marriage, divorce....When circumstances change, take care to update your Will too if necessary. 

Your Will Writer will also be happy to visit again to make adjustments.

So browse through our list of Will Writers, who will be happy to come and discuss what you need, at a time to suit you.