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Making your Will

Writing your Will is an important and necessary step to protect your assets and prevent your family from stress and expense after your demise.

Many people think that two or three trips to a Solicitors in their (expensive) offices is the only way of making out a Will.

But it may surprise you to find out that .... 

You don't have to see a Solicitor

Essentially, a Will is an official document which sets out your wishes clearly in the event of your death, and it is signed by you in the presence of two witnesses to prove that you are of sound mind and you are the one signing it personally. Usually you keep a copy and a spare one in a safe place where it can be found if you pass away by your Executors.

Writing on a piece of paper 'Everything to John' is another way of making your wishes known (however risky and open to argument!).... But there is a middle ground.

A Will Writer is a trained and qualified person who is capable of assisting you with every aspect of making your Will.  A Will Writer is not as expensive as a Solicitor, and definitely not as risky as leaving it all to chance.  Independent Will Writers can even visit you at home, which is a great help to those who are elderly, or have mobility issues which make it difficult to get out and about. Without the overheads charged by a Solicitor, it makes sense to call a Will Writer who is able to help you write your Will, at a very reasonable price.

Get your Will written by an Expert - for Less!

You will want to know for sure that you've got the wording right and if you have a family, that they are taken care of.  You don't want any confusion after you've gone, and you certainly don't want the 'Tax Man' getting money that you wanted to leave to someone special, or an organisation of your choice - perhaps your favourite charity or a cause.

The unexpected can happen all too quickly - which is why being prepared is so important! This is why making your Will should be a priority, and it is not as difficult to do this as you may think.

A simple Will should be clear about:

  • your beneficiaries
  • guardians of any children under age 18
  • who is going to be your Executor (who administers your estate and carries out your wishes)
  • who will inherit your estate should your beneficiaries die before you.

A professional Will Writer will also help you clearly state your wishes if:

  • your property is shared with other people (not husband/wife/civil partnerships)
  • you are leaving property to a dependant who is unable to look after their own affairs
  • your have more than one family member who might make a claim on your estate (i.e. children from a previous marriage or a former spouse)
  • if you don't live in the UK
  • if you own property overseas but live in the UK
  • if you are a business owner.

Signing your Will

Your Will should be signed by you in the presence of two independent adult witnesses who do not stand to benefit from your estate.

Looking after your Will - keeping it secure

Let your executor or someone close to you (a friend or relative) know where your Will is kept.

You can also keep a copy in a safe place with other vital documents such as your insurance and bank details. Some people leave them behind the clock on the mantlepiece but some companies store Wills for you. Or, you can leave a copy with the Principal Registry of the Family Division, with a solicitor, bank, or often your Will Writer can store it securely for you.